Featured Clients

Over the last two decades Adrian Broughton has worked extensively in Australia and overseas with many world-class organisations that demand the highest of standards.

Below are details of just a few of these clients and projects:

Australian Institute of Sport

Multiple Software Development Projects

Projects including a Sport Science database, software to perform calculations and data-visualisation for blood lactate measurements (lactate threshold, etc), software for a VO2Max Calibration project, and collaboration on some training management software.

Western Australian Institute of Sport

Multiple Software Development Projects, Website Development, Event & Commercial Photography, Project Management

Adrian's extensive work with the W.A. Institute of Sport spanned almost 13 years and included many projects, but most notably an exhaustive Sports Information Database (DAIS) that captured all of the organisation's core data related to Athletes, Coaches, Squads, Competition results, Performances, Testing, and numerous other details. With the help of WAIS this database was used extensively by elite sporting organisations within Australia and overseas.

Tasmanian Institute of Sport

Multiple Software Development Projects

Adrian Broughton's relationship with the Tasmanian Institute of Sport goes back to the mid-1990's and projects include Endurance Training Manager (a training & coaching tool), TIS-Row (a Blood Lactate charting tool for Rowers), the TIS Sport Science Database, and 15 years of ongoing support for the successor of that project which was also developed by Adrian; DAIS (Database for Information in Sport).

Queensland Academy of Sport, South Australian Sports Institute, NSW Institute of Sport, Northern Territory Institute of Sport

Software Development Projects

Each of these state institutes and academies of sport (along with the Tasmanian and Western Australian institutes of sport) adopted the DAIS project (Database for the Administration of Information in Sport) built by Adrian Broughton for the W.A. Institute of Sport. Adrian spent a lot of time on-site with each institute installing, customizing, and training for the DAIS system, followed up by many years of support throughout the life of the project.

Subiaco, Cottesloe, Claremont & Mosman Park Councils

Commercial Photography

Adrian provided Photographic services for a number of years to numerous local government in Western Australia. These services included commercial photography for various council publications and promotions, event photography which appeared in community newspapers as well as larger newspapers such as The West Australian, and Adrian even ran occasional photography workshops on behalf of the councils for local residents.

University of Tasmania

Software Development

Adrian developed a biomechanics video analysis software project called HM-Analyse in conjunction with the University of Tasmania. It has been used as a tool for academic research by the University of Tasmania and other Australian universities, and also sold to a number of international universities and schools to be used as an educational tool for sport science students.

John Curtain Leadershp Academy (JCLA) program

Website Design & Commercial Photography

Developed a website for the YMusic project as part of the John Curtain Leadershp Academy JCLA program, and donated a professional photographic package as first prize to the winning band in the YMusic Battle of the Bands finale.

Software Development

Cycling Australia engaged Adrian's services for a training planning and management project which included interfacing with various electronic cycling data-capture devices to obtain Heart Rate, Speed, Cadence, and Power Output. The software did more than capture, monitor, and analyse this data, it also provided extensive periodised training planning and monitoring tools and incorporated a tool to model each athlete and predict the long-term effects of a training plan on fitness and fatigue.

Fremantle Dockers Football Club

Software Development

Adrian worked on a database for the Fremantle Dockers to capture, monitor, and analyse the players' strength training efforts in the gym.

Commercial Photography

Adrian has engaged in commercial photography for Cricket Australia, photographing members of the Australian cricket team for promotional material and publications.

Glenorchy City

Software Development

Developed numerous software modules that integrated with the BLIS database system, developed low-level software to integrate barcode scanners with their record management, and other software for a GIS pilot project.